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لوگوی کانال تلگرام xplus_channel — X Plus Channel
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لوگوی کانال تلگرام xplus_channel — X Plus Channel
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X Plus Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API

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آخرین پیام ها

2022-08-25 23:16:25 To get the new update, search and install X Plus in the Play Store.

توضیحات فارسی:
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2022-08-25 23:07:28 Features and changes of X Plus:

Quick editing of messages
Separate confirmation for sending voice and video messages
Show my messages in chats
Remove sticker packs by long touching the stickers tab
Multiple entries in the media tab
Transfer the drawing to the menu attachment
Open the link in bio chats
Translation of the article view
Sharing bios
Color picker when editing photos
Disable the sticker information used in the sent photo
Search menu with a long touch on the title of the chats
Display the size of photos and gifs
Show seconds counter for gifs
Normal quality option for recorded audio
Disable autoplay video with volume key in chat
Display the name of the account owner in the action bar
Square profile picture display
The pencil icon was displayed instead of edited
Automatic scrolling of the chats title
Fixed multiple and advanced forwarding bugs
Hide time sticker
Disable chat bottom menu action
Add features to the recent activities of the channels
Transforming the group into a super group
Disable automatic playback of voice messages in chats
Silent message received from non-addressee

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2022-08-25 23:06:05 Telegram changes version 8.9.3

Custom animated emojis, premium Telegram giveaways and more

Giving premium telegram as a gift. You can give them a 3, 6, or 12-month premium subscription (and with a greater discount) from the users' profile.

Privacy settings for voice messages. Premium users can determine who is allowed to send or receive voice or video messages from Settings > Privacy & Security.

Custom interactive emojis. In two-person chats, each user can send a custom emoji to play full-screen effects simultaneously.

Custom animated emojis. Premium users will have access to 10 custom packages. Each of them contains dozens of emojis with unique characters.

All users are able to view any emoji and try them out in their saved messages.

new features:

توضیحات فارسی:
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2022-08-25 23:05:01 Telegram changes version 8.8.2


Upload up to 4 GB. Premium subscribers can now send media and files up to 4GB in size. All Telegram users can open these files, even if they do not have a premium subscription.

Faster download. Download videos and documents as fast as possible.

Fewer restrictions. Follow up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders, pin 10 chats to main list, save 10 favorite stickers and more features.

Voice to text. Get the written form of each voice message by tapping the A→ button.

Unique stickers. Send dozens of stickers with full-screen animations visible to all users. More stickers will be added every month.

Unique reactions. React to messages with more than 10 new emojis like .

Chat management. Set your program so that when it opens, it shows the folder of your favorite chat instead of the list of all chats. Tap and hold on a folder, then click Change order and drag the desired folder to the first section.

Animated profile picture. Profile videos of premium users will be animated throughout the app for all users.

Premium indicator. All premium users will receive a premium indicator displayed next to their name. All premium users will receive a premium indicator displayed next to their name.

Premium app icons. Several new app icons will be available for premium subscribers, such as premium star, night sky and turbo plane.

Membership requests for public groups. Public groups can now have membership requests so admins can approve them before new members are allowed to post in the chat.

Improved external sharing. When sharing large files and media from other apps to Telegram, you can check its status through a moving progress bar.

Confirmation Indicators in Conversations Confirmation indicators for groups, channels, and approved bots will now be displayed at the top of the conversation.

Improved robots. Bot developers can now post photos and videos in the "What does this bot do?" section. add to show their capabilities. The robots that are included in the attached menu can now work in groups and channels in addition to one-on-one conversations.

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2022-08-25 23:04:23 Telegram changes 8.7.2

Notification sounds, bot revolution and more

Improved picture-in-picture functionality. From now on, the picture-in-picture player has a new smooth design. Resize is done by pinching, closing the window with the X button.

Quick setup of admin bots. From any bots profile page, add it to your group or channel and instantly set bot permissions and access.

The revolution of robots. Developers can create infinitely flexible user interfaces for bots.

Replies in directed messages.Replies in directed messages When you direct a message, replies are also displayed, making the directed conversation easier to read.

Improved auto delete. Easily enable auto-delete for any conversation - now you can even set your own custom duration.

Custom mute duration. Mute or disable notifications for as long as you want.

• To add an audio file to the list of sounds, hold your hand on the desired file in the conversation and select the "Save for notification" option. On each conversation's info page, choose Mute > Customize and change its notification settings.

• Custom sounds for notifications. Use any music file or short voice message as notification sound.

Read the Telegram blog:

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2022-08-25 23:03:46 New X Plus update has been released.

Upgrade to Telegram version 8.9.3 (latest Telegram version)

Changes in each Telegram version:

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2022-06-09 20:00:04
لطفا به دقت پاسخ دهید.
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2022-03-27 21:16:00 New X Plus update 8.6.2

Upgrade to version 8.6.2 (latest version of Telegram)

Telegram changes:
Download management
New attachment menu
New design of account login process
Phone number links

X Plus changes:
Ability to hide download management icons
Ability to display other users's message history
Improved X animation

Fixed reported problems
Performance improvements

Please Search and install X Plus to get a new update.
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2022-03-27 21:13:58 آپدیت جدید ایکس پلاس ٨.۶.٢

ارتقاء به نسخه ۸.۶.۲ (آخرین نسخه‌ی تلگرام)

تغییرات تلگرام:
مدیریت دانلود
منوی پیوست جدید
طراحی جدید روند ورود به حساب
لینک‌های شماره تلفن

تغییرات ایکس پلاس:
امکان مخفی کردن آیکن مدیریت دانلودها
امکان نمایش تاریخچه پیام کاربران دیگر
بهبود انیمیشن ایکس

رفع مشکلات گزارش شده
بهبود عملکرد

لطفا برای دریافت آپدیت جدید، در پلی استور ایکس پلاس یا X Plus را جستجو و نصب نمایید.
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2022-02-19 11:24:51 آپدیت جدید ایکس پلاس v8.5.4-rc01

ارتقاء به نسخه ٨.۵.۴ تلگرام (آخرین نسخه تلگرام)

تغییرات تلگرام:
استیکرهای ویدیویی
واکنش‌های بهتر
جابجایی بین گفتگوهای اخیر

تغییرات ایکس پلاس:
امکان خاموش کردن برنامه
امکان ترجمه و جایگذاری سریع آن هنگام چت
بهبود عملکرد پیش نمایش چت
بهبود کیفیت پروکسی

لطفا برای دریافت آپدیت جدید در پلی استور ایکس پلاس یا X Plus را جستجو و نصب نمایید.
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